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At only eleven months old, the little boy Carlos Unger took his first steps in Guadalajara, the city that watch him grow up. Being restless and extrovert, he took advantage of every chance he had to sing, dance or to do some kind pirouette to call the attention of anyone that was near him. This is how he grew up, in a Mexican home where his mom always had a song to share and where his dad expressed his musical talents through the drums.

This is why nobody was surprised when the 12-year-old Carlos expressed his desire of learning to play the guitar. He started taking guitar classes and waited for his voice to change, in order to start working on his passion: singing. Two years later, when he excelled the guitar playing, he decided to study piano, which came easily to him.

At 15 years old, Carlos Unger already played both instruments very well and that allowed him to be comfortable with his singing voice. One day while he was studying in Rhode Island high school – where he studied for a year- some classmates heard him play the piano and sing and advised him to audition for the musical play. Carlos listened and he got a role in the play.

This is where he noticed that his voice pleased others and he decided to keep pursuing his dream. He started writing songs with a friend, garage band style, in an old computer and with a Xbox microphone. After this he came back to Mexico convinced about his career choice.

Once back in Guadalajara, he pursued professional musical theatre and got roles in The Miserables, West Side Story and Spamalot. He also kept taking singing lessons and participated in the Opera La Traviata, with the Jalisco Philharmonic Orchestra. At 17 years old, he was already working with the most recognized directors and actors of his Country.

He took an Exchange program and went to France. A different culture, new friends, new places and a summer love motivated him to keep composing: six songs were created during these three months. It was an inspirational period which made him grow, especially after traveling through Europe on his own. Later on he continued his traveling when he participated in the group "Estampas de México" where he performed in folkloric festivals in Portugal, Spain and Cuba

Back in his home Country, Carlos decided that it was time to take his music career to the next level. He recorded four of his songs and he saw how the doors started opening. He was hired to open the concerts for the Mexican Singer Yuridia, he sang with Julion Alvarez and he also opened a concert for Armando Manzanero in Guadalajara.

With a defined pop style, Carlos Unger started working with the Mexican producer Guido Laris, who produced his first single "Cuando estas Conmigo", which was very popular in social media. Afterwards he got an invitation to be part of the soundtrack of the movie "El Americano", produced by Animex and Edward James Olmos, where he performs a duet with the song "El Cielo es el Comienzo".

"Niña" and "¿Dónde Estas?" are the other two singles produced by Guido Laris, where Carlos displays his creativity as a songwriter. And in 2016 he got invited to open the concerts of the Texan Singer Austin Mahone in, Monterrey, Guadalajara and Mexico City.

Carlos Unger keeps a close relationship with his fans through all the social media and his YouTube channel. He frequently has video-chats to keep the fans updated because Carlos considers them his biggest motivation. Carlos is a Reading lover, despite his youth, he has a broad life experience and he's comfortable in his own skin. "Inspiration is everywhere, in what you perceived from others, every day life, and what you think others feel." In general, his songs talk about love, happiness, beautiful feelings and content. " My life, my decisions, good or bad made me who I am and that's what I have to offer".

Currently Carlos Unger has his goals set in Hollywood. He resides in Los Angeles where he continues his acting studies while he works in his career guided by Uno Productions. They already started a project of three new songs and a tribute record to the Singer Emmanuel. Imprinting his own style to themes like: "Bella", "Todo se Derrumbó" and "La Chica de Humo", Carlos Unger will surprise everyone with this tribute. For Carlos the best way to express a feeling is through art. And as a composer, Singer and actor he has all it takes to accomplish his goal: to inspire others.